Top 2 Bluetooth Speakers

Competition when it comes to the best speakers on the market is very high. One of the necessary qualities that all top competitors have when it comes to speakers is Bluetooth technology. There are also a number of other outstanding features that must be provided in order for a speaker to be the very best to provide maximum customer satisfaction. 

Here are the Top 2 Bluetooth speakers of 2017:

The DKnight Magicbox Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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The DKnight Magicbox II Bluetooth Speaker is among the most efficient mobile Bluetooth audio speakers, with features like incredible audio containing top quality, and a well built, strong solid product. It is an extremely functional, showcasing different controls for a number of different functions. It has an HD audio speaker for the phone, a gold grew audio jack and also a standard mini USB plug for cell phones. The Magicbox allows devices to use the speakers wirelessly, while streaming songs through brand-new Bluetooth v4.0 innovation. It also has 2 very effective 40mml overall 10W acoustic vehicle drivers, which provide an outstanding broad sound range. It features a boosted passive radiator for better bass reaction. The quality of this mobile Bluetooth audio speaker is incredible– it is the best way to hear components of songs, and has an easy set up.

The DKnight MagicBox has an integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery that enables 10 hours of use. It also contains USB battery charger, which makes it practical to take on a trip for easy chargeability. It includes an integrated microphone for hands-free telephone calls. If you utilize Skype a lot, the audio speaker would enhance your Skype telephone calls. It also has a built in mp3 player so you can directly play the songs from the speaker with a Micro SD card. The speaker is simple and convenient to use. There are a couple of switches, making the controls extremely easy. It weighs only 8.3 ounces, making it lightweight as well as extremely portable for outdoors or while taking a trip.

The DKnight MagicBox is an improved version of the previous Bluetooth audio speakers. The supplier puts in the time in creating their speaker technology and pays close attention to detail.  They consider the wants and needs of their clients and also make modifications accordingly to ensure that everybody appreciates and enjoys its value. DKnight does this while bringing top quality at inexpensive rates.

The DKnight MagicBox is the very best mobile Bluetooth audio speakers put there. It supplies terrific audio high quality with Bluetooth 4.0 modern technology. It is created to be ultra-compact with a soft touch and rubber style, which makes it conveniently suited for a knapsack, traveling bag or luggage. The integrated 2000 mAH rechargeable battery allows for a great 10 hours of play, with audio that provides crisp, loud sound. We consider these as one of the very best mobile Bluetooth audio speakers.


Angle 3 by Cambridge SoundWorks

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OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is an extreme renovation of the previous generations of OontZ audio speakers. It is also one of the best mobile Bluetooth audio speakers for transportability as well as sound quality– the Angle 3 gives high quality, crystal clear audio. The speakers come equipped with unique mids and highs from 2 accuracy acoustic chauffeurs, which provide 10 Watts of superb stereo and also improved bass. It also includes an exclusive passive speaker layout that is an excellent type for the bass division. This provides louder volumes and even more bass that is distortion free at high-volumes. Its small size offers space while filling up the area with sound for indoor or outdoor events. The layout of the play/pause switches were specifically designed for a clean look, and even lets you pause/play without needing to touch your phone.

The passive radiator that creates the bass in the Angle 3 lies under of the system. If you position it lower down, the bass impact will become a lot more noticeable. If you want less bass, position it higher. This style is an inventive function that boosts the total sound efficiency. The audio speaker has 10+ Watts of peak power, which is loud enough to fill a backyard celebration with clear, fantastic sounding music.

The designing of the Angle 3 is exceeds the time of the earlier generation. The stick-on rubber handles from the earlier generation have been changed into 2-inch rubber strips, and made right into the recesses under of the audio speaker. This provides even more stability, which makes it excellent for long distance road trips in cars and truck rides. In addition, the Angle 3 features an integrated microphone for hands free speakerphone for usage with smartphones and iPhones.  You could quickly connect this tool with an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Kindle, smartphone, tablet, and various other electronic gadgets. You could take telephone calls with this gadget while driving on your car on your daily commute or on a road trip, which is quite very convenient.

The Angle 3 is constructed to be more than just waterproof. It is splash proof, rainproof, dustproof, and sand proof, which make it ideal to use at the beach, pool, or even boats. This definitely makes these speakers the best Bluetooth water speakers. The Bluetooth connection on this speaker makes it incredibly simple to connect your electronic device to. It can link from one gadget to another easily. You do not also have to push a switch to match it with another device because it sets without effort. The battery life on this audio speaker has 7 hours of playtime, which is less when compared to the other speakers, but still relatively long lasting.

The OontZ Angle 3 is one of the most effective mobile Bluetooth audio speakers, with few or even no serious disadvantages. In general, it is a really strong audio speaker that has superior quality with great bass. It generates fantastic sounding audio in a little portable bundle, weighing at merely 9 ounces. It’s a great looking audio speaker with a specialized layout. It features Cambridge Soundworks, which truly and substantially enhances the audio high quality. We would call the Angle 3 as one of the most effective mobile Bluetooth audio speakers on the market today.

These two speakers have everything that it takes to beat all other speakers and stay at the top of the charts. They provide the best of the best sound and quality, which is the most important thing a speaker can provide. Owning these speakers would definitely mean the best Bluetooth speaker listening experience with every use.

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